Boat Fender And Bumper FAQ.

For your convenience, our most common customer fender questions are answered right here or view specifications. 

Can my Big Bumper be used as a flotation device or a floating step?

> No. Big Bumpers are not approved flotation devices and should NEVER be used as a floating step. Click HERE to read the Big Bumper Company Disclaimer.

Does my Big Bumper come with a pump?

> No. Big Bumpers work with standard pumps. Click HERE to buy a pump from one of our retail partners.

How do I customize graphics for my Big Bumper?

> Big Bumpers are specifically designed to accommodate custom banners. Click HERE to get a quote for your custom banner.

What size Big Bumper should I buy?

> The desired length and diameter of a Big Bumper is a choice dependent on your application. Available in 4 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths.

> Dock Bumpers – 24' diameter is recommended to accommodate variability in the sizes of visiting boats, water levels, etc. 18' diameter works well for most boats and reduces the “step over” from a watercraft to the dock.

Where do I buy a Big Bumper?

> Big Bumpers are available through distributors. New distributor opportunities are available for these bumper products! Please contact

How do I care for my Big Bumper?

> Your Big Bumper is made to last with almost no maintenance. Simply clean with soap and water as needed.

– How much air should I put into my Big Bumper?
> The amount of air in a Big Bumper is a matter of personal preference. Experiment with different levels.

How do I attach custom graphics to my Big Bumper?

> Your Big Bumper is specifically manufactured to accommodate custom banners and we can produce a custom decal package as well, Contact Us. Simply thread the banner straps through the Big Bumper Guides (patent pending) and “click” the ends together. The locking mechanisms are adjustable.

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