MasterCraft Boat Fenders and Bumpers.

MasterCraft Boat Fenders and Bumpers.

The Corner Bumper

The Big Bumper Company (BBC) is excited to announce a new opportunity for MasterCraft boat enthusiasts to purchase bumpers with the Mastercraft logo, printed directly on the bumper at the factory. As the premium inflatable boat fender manufacturer, Big Bumper Company is the perfect partner for the MasterCraft Brand. 

The original Big Bumpers, which were to become the first-ever in the boating industry, were tested with MasterCraft boats so in some ways, the Bumpers were designed with MasterCraft in mind. Owners and fans of the classic brand can now order Bumpers with the MC logo in three different sizes and two color options.
To order your Bumpers with the MasterCraft logo, you can find the path on the main page of our website or click on the following link:


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