Inflatable Boat Bumper Uses

Big Bumpers Have Many Uses & Applications

See how our customers are using their inflatable boat bumpers to protect their water crafts and tie up to other boats!

Dock Bumper

Ever tie your boat up to a dock only to see a giant wave cause a “bump” with the dock anyway? Our Big Bumpers are the most effective dock bumpers ever created. Your dock and any watercraft will be protected from harm regardless of waves or inexperienced drivers. The bumpers also offer unique advertising opportunities for selling homes, boats, or marine based businesses.


Tying up to another boat or dock using fenders can be very frustrating and often, ineffective. If you have the need to tie up to other boats or docks, you will appreciate the ease at which our Big Bumpers protect your boat from harm when docking and how quick and easy they are to inflate and use!


Floating Signage

Creating temporary or permanent floating signage can be very difficult to install and disappointing as it relates to the goal for the messaging. Our Big Bumpers offer maximum sign space for excellent read-ability and are simple to install anywhere on the water.


Outdoor Seating

Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to bring chairs to an event. At youth sports, the kids often sit on the ground and there never seems to be enough seating at tailgates or outdoor parties. Our Big Bumpers can easily be used for quick, temporary seating in any outdoor environment. As a bonus, you can personalize the Big Bumpers to match the team or event theme!

Boat Bumper – Introducing Our NEW 2′ Foot Inflatable Boat Bumpers

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