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The Corner Bumper

The Corner Bumper

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Corner Bumper! In this space, we will explore and discuss how Big Bumpers are changing the way the marine industry thinks about protecting boats and personal watercraft. Over the last few years, thousands of boat owners have discovered how a Big Bumper will provide the ultimate protection against all the “bumps and bruises” which have frustrated owners everywhere.

The Big Bumper Company (BBC) was born out of necessity. The founders of BBC were tired of the damage done by docking and tying up to other watercraft. So, like everyone else, they tried to make fenders work, but as anyone familiar with the boating industry knows, they offer mediocre protection. Traditional “fenders” have been mandatory accessories for decades…. but not because they are at all attractive or particularly effective. In other words, the only commercially available solution to a universal problem was mediocre at best.

In order to ensure 100% protection and maximum flexibility in application, a line of inflatable bumpers was designed to be the ultimate solution while also addressing all of the problems associated with fenders. Moreover, the bumpers are manufactured to last. As a result, bumper owners have enjoyed almost universal success with product quality in all kinds of weather and environments.

The Corner Bumper will highlight how customers use their Big Bumpers effectively and keep the bumper user community informed of new developments and innovations.


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