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Boat Fenders

Boat Bumpers by Big Bumper Company

First of all — THANK YOU for visiting our site, and if you have purchased (or are thinking of buying one of our bumpers), we thank you again!

We are relatively new, only about two years in offering our unique line of quick-to-inflate/deflate bumpers. Over this time, we have learned a lot and want to be the best resource for protecting your boat - whether moored at a dock or tying up with another boat out on the water. A magazine editor for an upcoming article asked, "what is the most frequently asked question we receive?"

Well, that's easy. By far, the most common question focuses on determining which sized bumper is best for your boat.
Here are essential factors to consider:
  • Is your primary use tying up with other boats or protection while docked?
  • Do you have a sport, ski, or medium yacht/sailboat? This point can help determine if your application will be horizontal or vertical. And perhaps not even in or touching the water.
  • Are you located in the south or the north/midwest? Inflation & pressure considerations may be different.
  • What type of hull does your boat have? A pontoon differs from a ski boat in hull design & curvature. This is very important. 
  • Be sure to visualize the application most likely for your inflated bumper.
  • Send us a photo of your boat, and we can help with your bumper selection.
  • Remember we have two diameters - 18" and 24". The use application will dictate the best size to order.

Even though these bumpers are tough, we want to be sure your selection is best suited to protect your boat investment!

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